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ICON Timber procurement distance getting longer
ICON Woodmiles of Japan
ICON Energy Consumption of Imported Timber
ICON Traceability of timber
ICON New environmental index of wooden building
ICON an activity of locally consuming locally produced timber
ICON Reducing energy consumption in transportation
(Woodmileage CO2)

ICON Making timber visible (Knowledge level of logistics stops)
ICON Introduction and brief history of Woodmiles
ICON Ice broken by Foodmileage
ICON Launch of Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture
ICON Introduction of Woodmiles Forum

What are Woodmiles?
< Introduction and brief history of Woodmiles >

¡ Ice broken by Foodmileage

In 1994, an English consumer activist, Tim Lange proposed an idea of gFoodmilesh. He spotlighted the distance taken by food from the place of harvest to dining table, and then made it a campaign to consume food which is harvested in the nearest possible places. In Japan, referring to this campaign, a definition of Foodmileage [ (t/km = <the amount of food imported from applicable country> ~@<the distance from the applicable country to Japan(km)>] was newly made, becoming an index to evaluate imported food. In the column, gMy view pointh in Asahi Shinbum in 2001, gFoodmileage---to achieve recyclable society with Local production, Local consumptionh was introduced by Mr. Shinohara, chairman of Policy Research Institute Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (then). One of the comments to it was, gwhat matters more is imported timber. We would like to know the total transportation distance of timber used to build a househ. Upon this, Mr. Fujiwara, Forest Products Research Institute (then), delivered a report, gWoodmiles (total transportation distance and utilization of local timber)h in a journal, showing a possibility of Woodmiles to offer indexes which clarify the characteristics of timber trading and the merits of utilization on local timber.

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