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Overview of the Woodmiles Forum

¡ Overview

General outline of the Woodmiles Forum
- Woodmiles shed lights of global on gdomestic woodh -

The Woodmiles Forum was established in 2003, aimed at the research about and development of indicators to measure the distance between the point of harvest and the consumer of the harvested wood. In April 2014, The Woodmiles Forum legally registered as a General Incorporated Association. Now we have new policy to implement actual activities not only research but more advocacy and communications.

¡ Vision and Mission
Our Vision is to realize a gSustainable recycling societyh, a concept which is shared globally. We focus on wood, and in particular on locally harvested wood as an environmental friendly and renewable resource. Increasing the awareness of these renewable wood functions is crucial. We promote the use of local wood resources through a robust supply chain traceability system of various standards including Woodmiles Indicator, legality and certification.
In addition we expect Woodmiles to support and strengthen regional partnerships between different districts including between rural and urban areas.

¡ What We Do
1. We develop indicators and implementation tools for Woodmiles
We develop software to calculate the mileage and CO2 emission based on the transportation distance
2. We study and stimulate the sustainable use of locally harvested wood resources
We will develop and revise the Wood Procurement Check Book
3. We will promote and support the implementation and the sustainable use of locally harvested wood resources
Woodmiles Housing Award project (in review)
Woodmiles Certification for suppliers project (in review)
4. We will share experiences and work together with similar and related initiatives from home and abroad.
5. Other activities necessary to achieve our goal

¡ Who We Are
Legal entity registered as General Incorporated Association
Chairman Masaya Fujimoto | Chairman of Gendaikeikaku Architectual and Planning Office co. Ltd., former chairman of Japan Federation of Architects and Building Engineers
Director Takashi Fujiwara | Senior Scientist of Japan Federation of Wood-Industry Associations
90 Individual members and 32 corporate members

¡ Contact Us
Woodmiles Forum, Secretariat,
TEL: +81-575-46-8852 / FAX: +81-575-46-8862

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